Plant Keeper - Designed in partnership with Hilton Carter



- American Cone Denim

- Large stainless steel ring to hang the tools you use most often

- Protective sharp tool holster

- Hand worked leather details

- Leather or cotton strap options

- Breathable comfort lining

- Removable straps 


Hilton Carter on apron design-
So I wanted to collaborate on making an apron because honestly I felt I needed one. And if I need one, I'm sure there are some out there in the green community that need one as well. For me, it was important to design an apron that felt comfortable around the neck and waist. After that, it was important that there were pockets to hold the tools one needs when caring for their plants indoor and out. Placing leather pockets made it possible to hold the heavier and sharper tools one might have. I use it for my shears, spade, brushes and my phone. I decided it needed a steel ring on the side to hold either a towel or to attach a mister/spray bottle. All in all, it's the perfect way to protect yourself from getting too messy and helping you stay efficient while caring for your plant friends.