The Sergeant Apron - RPET Edition


What is RPET Fabric?

RPET is recycled or reclaimed PET. PET is a common abbreviation for polyethylene terephthalate. PET is used to make any number of common plastic containers that we use every day like soda bottles and mayonnaise jars. The fabric is created by cleaning, melting and extruding fibers from recycled PET containers. Using RPET fabric is a great way to contribute to the sustainability of the environment. It creates a market for recycled plastics and keeps that plastic out of our landfills, waterways, and oceans.  

For more information about RPET fabric, check out this page

Width 660mm (26in)  Height 790mm (31in)

Waist strap length 670mm (26.5in)


  • Premium RPET Fabric
  • Breathable Comfort Lining
  • Removable Straps
  • Pencil Chest Pocket
  • Bar Cloth Loop
  • Vegan strap sets available upon request

Washing Instructions: Remove straps and patches. Hand or gentle machine wash cold. Lay flat to dry.